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Three Mills Bakery X Pepe Saya Buttery

Three Mills Bakery has partnered with Pepe Saya Buttery to bring you this limited edition rye cookie with an indulgent butterscotch centre.

Pepe Saya Buttery is based in Caringbah, Sydney and has been operating since 2010 with “the dream of making a beautiful tasting Australian cultured butter”. Their butter is batch churned from a single origin cream, creating a natural and less processed product. It is inoculated with lactobacillus culture which allows the butter to develop a full, buttery taste and its characteristic tang.

Three Mills has been working closely with Pepe Saya since our inception and in late 2020 they became the sole butter provider for our pastry range. In early 2021, they approached us to collaborate on a product that celebrates their premium cultured butter.

In true Three Mills style, the cookie uses rye flour that is freshly milled in house, maintaining nutrients, a coarse texture and a slightly savoury profile. Pepe Saya’s naturally-cultured butter is browned off and combined with the dough for an incredible depth of flavour.  And what began as a miso caramel centre evolved into a traditional brown sugar butterscotch that balances beautifully with the savoury characteristics of the cookie base.

We wanted to make this cookie an experience to be enjoyed and shared in the kitchen. The dough is packed into logs that yield six cookies you can bake in your own oven and comes with butterscotch in a piping bag that you can pipe right on top for that gooey, rich centre.

The key to this experience is to break the cookie open while it’s warm and embrace the mess of butterscotch all over your fingers. We recommend keeping napkins on hand!