As an emerging food business, we choose to focus on improving our short game to ensure we have a place in the future. There are no lofty goals, mission statements and spreadsheets, we simply put our head down and focused on great products and our clients.

However, we do love to speculate about the future of food and we can see a bigger purpose beginning to emerge. Who knows, with our current team of superhumans, we may just be in the best place to answer the ever elusive question of ‘what’s our purpose?’!

For now, here are a few concepts we’re considering.

Feel free to drop us an email with your thoughts!

Functional Foods

How can we make bread naturally more nutrient dense? What parts of the process can be improved from growing, storing, milling, soaking and baking to unlock greater nutrient potential from our grains without needing additives?

Food Security

What role can bread play in supplying nutrient dense food to a growing population? 

Australia’s role as a producer

How can we contribute to Australia’s brand as a global food producer? How can we help to position Canberra at the heart of the national food network?

Climate Change

What is Regenerative Agriculture and can it help to correct climate change? What part do we play? 

Community Development

What impact does our company have on others? What do we want it to look like in the future?


Can we play a role in consumer education about nutrition, regenerative diets, functional foods and whole grains?


What new partnerships would be incredible to build in the future?


What role does it have in our industry in the future? How can we automate parts of our industry to decrease the physical stress for our team but maintain the artisan techniques?


How can we repurpose leftover bread or waste from other food industries?

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