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Our story began in the tiny basement of an ambitious project during the winter of 2013.

We set out to build an establishment that included an artisan bakery, local produce restaurant and bar in Canberra’s emerging NewActon precinct. The vision for the bakery was to produce incredible sourdough and laminated pastries using house-milled flour, local ingredients and traditional long fermentation techniques.

As demand for fresh baked goods increased, we pushed the limits of what our tiny space could handle and we knew it was time to look for a new home. Thanks to fortuitous timing, an existing cafe space became available in Majura Business Park which was perfect for us. 

With many helping hands from great friends, we moved the entire bakery out of the basement and across town to the airport in only one day so we didn’t leave our wholesale clients without bread. 

The new venture needed a name. Three Mills Bakery was born out of a vision to work with three unique grain suppliers in a continued quest to produce world class sourdough and pastry products. Fast forward a few years and our days of carrying baked goods up and down from the basement and doing deliveries in the old Subaru are thankfully behind us!

After reflecting on our time in the basement, we had a chance to restart.  For us that meant not only finding ways to improve our products, but also learning how to operate a world class business. In our experience, it all starts with building the right team culture and demonstrating an immense respect for our wholesale clients’ businesses. 

Today, with a bigger team of incredible people, we feel we’ve stayed true to our quest to produce the best hand-formed sourdough and artisan pastries. We love every facet of the food industry; our amazing customers, our wonderful team, our partnerships, and industry collaborations.

So where to from here… After 2022, it’s anyone’s guess, but in the meantime you’ll find us baking and discussing some of the bigger questions the food industry faces.

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