Frozen Product Recall – Labelling – June 2024

As of 25th February the requirements governing the way food allergens are identified on food products have changed.

Due to the longevity of our frozen bake at home products, a number of our existing labels are no longer compliant with the new rules.

We have therefore recalled the affected products to allow for the new labelling to take place. 

The recalled products are safe to consume and all ingredients are listed on the label, we encourage anyone concerned about the risk of undeclared allergens to please return your product to any of our Three Mills Bakery locations for a full refund.

The products being recalled were sold at the following Three Mills Bakery locations
prior to the 22nd of June 2024:

Three Mills Bakery, Newcastle Street Fyshwick

Three Mills Bakery, Leeton Street Fyshwick

Three Mills Bakery, Cooyong Street, Canberra Ciry

Three Mills Bakery, Capital Food Market Belconnen 

Three Mills Bakery, Furzer Street Woden

Products affected:

1. Apple Turnover

2. Beef & Pepperberry Share Pie

3. Beef & Seasonal Veg Sausage Roll

4. Chicken, Leek & Riesling Share Pie

5. Kids Beef & Seasonal Veg Sausage Roll

6. Kids Cheesy Veg Roll

7. Lamb & Mustard Sausage Roll

8. Mushroom & Black Barley Vegetarian Roll

9. Pork Chilli & Confit Garlic Sausage Roll

If you have any queries or concerns, please contact us at:


0447 699 843

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