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Penny University

Penny University is one of many Canberra cafes utilising Three Mills products in their menu

Named for the original London coffeehouses of the 17th century where a person could pay a penny to access coffee, company and social discourse, Penny University strives to be the modern day equivalent, a place where everyone is welcome and customers can “come in, feel at home, and leave with enlightened taste buds.”

Established in the old Kingston area for almost ten years, Penny University serves a range of international fusion. Their menu is evergreen as the culinary team experiments constantly, drawing inspiration from the many cuisines they have worked with in the past.

Chef Alex, whose father is also a chef, likes to take a “home cooking” approach to developing a new dish. He will often begin by asking his team what they are cooking at home and adapting these recipes for the cafe’s purposes. The menu offers many dairy free, gluten free, vegetarian and vegan options and Alex likes to source ingredients from local producers as often as possible.

Three Mills sourdough and buns have been a fixture in Penny University’s menu for many years. You can enjoy our potato buns on their wildly popular Katsu burger and other loaves, toasted and grilled, via a range of brunch options.

Today we’re giving the spotlight to a newcomer on the menu. Three Mills olive sourdough is the perfect compliment to these dill-coated poached eggs boasting middle eastern flavours with seasonal asparagus, Basturma and roasted peppers and walnut salsa.

It might be the weekend to pay them a visit and experience the coffeehouse for yourself!