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Bonito Toast

Cured Bonito

1 bonito fillet
1 tsp flaky salt

Debone fillet and char skin with a blow torch or on a grill. Sprinkle flesh with salt and place skin side up on an absorbent towel. Allow salt to draw out moisture for about 20 minutes to an hour in the fridge. Slice at an angle and reserve to plate.

Anchovy Aioli

3 salted anchovies
½ bunch spring onion
1 egg yolk
250g olive oil
250g canola oil
lemon juice, to taste
salt, to taste

Slice spring onion tops as thinly as possible and rinse under cold water. Place egg yolk, anchovies, olive oil, canola oil in a blender. Blitz on high until emulsified. Season with lemon juice and salt to your taste.

Capsicum Kosho

2 bird’s eye chili
1 garlic clove
1 tsp salt
1 lemon zest
1 lime zest
1 charred capsicum, skin off

Deseed chili and thinly slice both chili and garlic. Place all ingredients in a mortar and pestle and pound until paste is formed. Set aside.

Toasted Rye Bread

2 thick slices of rye bread
100g olive oil

Slice rye loaf on an angle, 3cm thick and square off ends. Over medium heat, sear all faces until golden brown. Set on a plate.

To Serve:

Olive Oil Drizzle

100g Extra Virgin Olive oil
50g White Soy
1 lime, juiced

In a bowl combine lime juice, white soy and olive oil. Place a small dollop of aioli on the plate. Then, place warm toasted bread on top and add a larger dollop of aioli. Scatter thin slices of bonito across the aioli and give each one a tiny amount of kosho. Drizzle olive oil over the fish.

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