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Poached Eggs, Prosciutto & Asparagus on Sourdough


2 thick slices of Ancient grain
2 knobs of butter
2 eggs
2 L of water
2 bunches of asparagus
Olive oil 
Flaky salt and cracked pepper
1 lemon wedge
4 pieces of prosciutto
Parsley, chopped


1. Blanch your asparagus in a pot of simmering salted water for approximately 3 minutes.
2. While your asparagus is blanching, melt a knob of butter in a pan until it starts to foam. Add your slice of bread and toast until golden brown on both sides.
3. Once your asparagus is cooked through, set aside to drain.
4. Next, poach your egg in boiling water for about 3 minutes.
5. Finally, pan roast your asparagus in olive oil. Finish with a light seasoning of flaky salt, pepper and dash of lemon juice.
6. Plate your toast and layer with asparagus and prosciutto and top it with your egg.
7. Garnish with parsley or your fave herb

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