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THE DISH: Greenhouse

Hey, Welcome back to The Dish!

This is our monthly exploration of the thriving food scene in Canberra and the incredible partners that we have the privilege of working with.

It’s time to set aside preconceived notions because this week we have promised you an unexpected journey…

And that journey is…to the mall!

If you have ever been to the Canberra Centre you have likely noticed the plant filled haven that is Greenhouse. This light filled space opens out to the blue skies of Canberra and harbours none of the enclosed spaces that you might expect in a mall.

Owners April and Ethan took over Greenhouse in 2019 and have built a thriving family business that supports the bustling shoppers and local community in the area.

In purchasing Greenhouse from Sasa of Ona Coffee, April & Ethan had set their sights on leveling up their careers in hospitality and Greenhouse was the perfect venue to do just that.

Offering strong ties to Canberra through local suppliers like Ona, they knew the business was where they wanted to build their future for them and their two kids.

Okay okay, let’s get to the food!

Avo on toast… it’s almost become a cliche, but not at Greenhouse my friend.

Chef David Song has taken a ubiquitous dish and reinvents it over and over to showcase the best seasonal produce.

The current avocado on Three Mills Sourdough dish is a take on a Caprese Salad.
Creamy, ripe smashed avocado is topped with thick slices of the freshest, sweetest tomato, balls of rich fresh mozzarella and gorgeous herbaceous basil.
All this pops with drizzles of balsamic and olive oil and is topped with a perfectly poached egg.

It’s a real homage to summer and a credit to Chef Song to take such a well known dish and reinvent it in such a way that all the ingredients really sing.

The smashed avo is a perennial signature on the Greenhouse menu and the flavours switch out quarterly with the change of each season.

Now I know there is still one question on everyone’s mind.

Who keeps all those beautiful plants alive?

Well as we said, this is a real family business. Owner April claims she doesn’t have a green thumb so she relinquishes the task to Ethan’s parents who come in every week and using a ladder they hand water each and every plant.

Greenhouse is open on weekdays from 8:30am till 5:30pm and on weekends from 10am till 4pm. Stop by and say Hi to April and Ethan and get your hands on the Caprese style smashed avo.