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THE DISH: Temporada

Originally opened by Ben Willis of Aubergine fame, Temporada is now helmed by Aubergine’s former head chef, Dave Young.

Temporada’s menu is Canberra through and through – it thrives on the four seasons that we all love about Canberran life.

Dave’s refined the art of balancing flavours, something he mastered at Rockpool and XO, with the goal of each dish exciting the palate.

He lives for the Canberra community that dines with him and says “The fact that they’ve chosen our restaurant to dine with friends and family, gather with colleagues and enjoy date night is humbling. If you’ve chosen to spend your bucks here – we’re going to try our best to make your meal special”.

We decided to kick off the Dish with Temporada because they make a killer cheeseburger that takes our milk buns to the next level.

It has maple bacon, zucchini pickles and crispy onion rings.

Dave says “We make as much as possible in house for this one. We grind our own mince for the burger patty, and we make the zucchini pickles and burger sauce from scratch.

And if we can’t make a better product, we buy the best we can. Milk buns from Three Mills Bakery and streaky maple bacon from a small shop in Sydney.”

They have one hard and fast rule with this burger and they aren’t ashamed of it.

The undisputed king of burger cheese is…burger cheese!

You know… the golden squares that melt into gooey heaven.
Dave says it can’t be beat and after trying this burger, we totally agree!

This stack of burgery goodness is available on the Friday lunch menu.
And from 16 November lunches will be extended to Thursdays…double the opportunity to grab one of these oh so good burgers!

You can check out Temporada and book a table here.