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A Day With Tokyo Lamington

After we celebrated the announcement of our collab with Tokyo Lamington, it was time to get down to delicious business.

We invited owners Eddie and Min into our Newcastle St. Café for the day, so we could talk all things baked goods.

They came to us armed with all the ingredients to walk our head pastry chef Jose through the process of crafting their one of a kind Lamingtons.

And we can tell you, it’s a beautiful craft.

Just as Tokyo Lamington says, these are not your nanna’s Lamingtons.
Eddie hand whipped mascarpone and juicy flecks of fruit till it formed the most delightfully fluffy filling for the Lamington.

He then took the one of a kind sourdough cake that he made with our starter and layered with the mascarpone and jam.

Always thinking of the final eating experience, Eddie then rolled it all in a sourdough butter crumb to add texture.

Then we ate them…all of them. 

And it was the spark that we needed to ignite our creativity.

Our Lamington fuelled pastry team set to work and we aren’t too humble to say, they have nailed it!

Our Popcorn Brioche is the perfect blending of sweet and savoury. We have leaned into childhood nostalgia with Fairy Bread Cream Buns that are a hands on experience. Our mini pies bring the party with fillings designed to please young and old and our Choc, Raspberry and Coconut Croissant is the ultimate homage to the famous OG Lamington by Tokyo Lamington.

If you want to try a batch of incredible Lamingtons made personally by the Tokyo Lamington team, alongside the full bakery range that has been inspired by Aussie nostalgia, then jump onboard to the Collective here, by October 10th.