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Three Mills Bakery X Capital Brewing Co.

Cheers to bread & beer!

Three Mills Bakery and Capital Brewing Co… supplying Canberrans with carby goodness for almost a decade. 

A match made in heaven really.

We’ve done a few projects with the legends at Capital over the years – they are a great crew who share our values of producing exceptional products, using quality ingredients that support local suppliers.

Plus, they make some damn good beer.

Back in December of 2022, the Toast Kvass was born. A truly ancient style of beer that’s been made for generations.

Our bakers took 20kg of our rye sourdough and some of our culture over to the brewery, where it was broken down and used to make a wort (basically beer nectar). We extracted some of this liquid gold (turns out it’s great to cook with) and the rest was left to ferment and mature.

The result: an ideal Summer drink. A mid-strength, doughy, sour brew. 

The first batch was a hit, available exclusively in the Capital Taproom during December.

After we drank a bit and shared a bunch, our culinary team set to work to create some truly remarkable products.

The poached peach danish heroes perfectly ripe peaches, poached in Kavass ‘beer nectar’, alongside strawberry gum and lemon myrtle, to create a uniquely Australian botanical danish. 

Our bialy’s also feature the Toast Kavass. A delicious flat bread topped with eschalots caramelised with kvass beer, black garlic, finger lime and seaweed.

These incredible, one-off products have been bundled up into our Three Mills Collective Summer Edition. The Collective is an exclusive, quarterly subscription, delivering extraordinary baked goods to your door. Each edition will feature collaborations with some of the country’s most brilliant food and beverage craftspeople. 

A (limited!) second round of Kvass will be available on tap at Capital’s Brewery on Dairy Flat Rd, Fyshwick from March 2023, make sure you pop down for a schooner or two.