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Three Mills Bakery X Ona Coffee

The perfect blend!

Nothing beats your favourite morning coffee with a freshly baked pastry.

And thankfully, we’re pretty spoiled for choice in Canberra.

When it comes to brilliant coffee, Ona is one of the best in the game.

Their origin story is similar to ours. From humble beginnings roasting out of a garage back in 2008, they’ve become champions in the coffee space for over a decade. 

But it’s their values that we love the most. 

Ona are all about sustainable sourcing, expanding the palettes of coffee drinkers and coming up with innovative roasting processes that demonstrate global environmental and ethical benefits. 

So when we were faced with the decision for who to collaborate with on our next Three Mills Collective, we couldn’t wait to team up with the Ona crew.

Here’s what happened when we caught up with them…

The Ona team took us deep into the world of coffee. 
It was captivating! We listened, watched, smelled, tasted and explored everything from growing and sourcing, to roasting, cupping and extracting.

We left with a hell of a caffeine buzz and a bunch of inspiration. 

Then, back at TMB HQ, our culinary legends pushed the limits to reflect Ona’s flavour, process and techniques.

The result is a collection of spectacular baked goods:

Dark Roast Loaf 

We adopted elements of the coffee roasting method and applied them to our process to create this robust, nutrient dense sourdough. The hero is Ethiopian barley that’s been dark roasted, low and slow, to enhance its chocolatey profile.

Raspberry Candy Profiterole 

Raspberry Candy coffee blend was a game-changing creation by Ona.

When extracted and paired with milk, the end result is sweet berries and creamy vanilla ice cream. We’ve bundled this incredible flavour profile into Choux pastry, topped with red craquelin, with a smooth, creamy vanilla chantilly inside.

Pain Au Cappuccino 

What’s more classic than a Cappuccino?

It pairs perfectly with a chocolate croissant, so of course we needed to combine the two.

One side is filled with a chocolate coffee ganache featuring Ona’s Aspen blend. The other is a nod to Australiana with a creamy macadamia frangipane and wattle butterscotch.

Smoked Brisket Pie

We coated the brisket in a coffee spice rub, featuring ground Liberica coffee from Ona, and cured it for two days. It was smoked over red gum wood until utterly tender, shredded by hand and slathered in a rich BBQ sauce.

Liberica Tart
Liberica is a little known coffee variety. The tart embraces the future of coffee that Ona are creating by emulating the tropical notes of the Liberica coffee, think roasted banana, creme brulee and creme fraiche.

These incredible, one-off products have been bundled up into our Three Mills Collective Autumn Edition.

Find out more and jump on-board here: